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Improving Quality of Life

We understand that when your patients are in pain they have constant thoughts of getting relief. You’ll need the assistance of our knowledgeable, experienced pharmacy team to successfully reduce pain, enhance patient satisfaction and improve quality of life.

At BioMed Specialty Pharmacy we have helped over 40,000 patients manage their pain safely and efficaciously without the adverse side effects associated with oral pain medications.

Even though millions of Americans suffer with chronic pain we know this is just a statistic to you and your patients.

The way each patient experiences pain is unique to them. BioMed formulates topical, prescription pain medications designed to effectively treat the majority of pain conditions.

Over 2,000 physicians and healthcare professionals rely on BioMed every day to be their trusted pain management partner. Solution focused providers depend on the expertise of our highly educated pharmacists to achieve desired outcomes.

Our patient care staff delivers exemplary patient service. Patients appreciate our free, confidential delivery of their prescription. Prescriptions are covered by most insurance plans including Medicare. Auto claims and workers' comp patients appreciate expedited prescriptions and zero copay.

We have the answers to your questions about topical prescription pain medications and innovative pain treatments. Are you ready to learn how to successfully reduce pain without addiction and diversion?


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For Physicians

Topicals are a safe, effective alternative to prescribing oral opioids and NSAIDS.

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Prescription Refills

BioMed™ is excited to announce that you can now refill your prescription online, for Free!

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14-Day Trial

Learn how you can experience rapid pain relief with a 14-Day Trial

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