BioMed - Prescriber Feedback

Our prescribers have attained improved pain treatment and enhanced patient satisfaction with BioMed’s topical prescription pain medications.

We would like to share outcome feedback from our prescribers by medical specialty.

You will learn that topical prescription pain medications have low systemic absorption and provide excellent relief. Topical pain medications do not have the adverse side effects of nausea, constipation, lethargy, drowsiness and mental fog commonly associated with oral pain medications.

Please share with us your outcome feedback.



“BioMed's Formula #5 has been the perfect adjunct therapy to my patients suffering from chronic arthritic and degenerative changes, diabetic neuropathy, and radicular pain...”

—Ashley P., FNP-BC   [View full story]
“I have seen great improvement in many of my patients suffering from various conditions that have previously been difficult to treat...”

—Julie L. Price, M.D.   [View full story]



“BioMed Pharmacy is the most beneficial choice for the compounding needs of our very busy Orthopedic Practice...”

—Peter Bilgin, D.O.   [View full story]
“BioMed's Compounds are a great alternative to traditional remedies when you do not want to subject the entire body to oral medication and the side effects that come with using them...”

—Shivajee V. Nallamothu, D.O., F.A.O.A.O.   [View full story]



“I have found the topical pain creams compounded by BioMed Specialty Pharmacy to be a great alternative to the traditional approach of controlling my patients pain...”

—Donald J. Garfield, D.P.M.   [View full story]



“I have been prescribing topical pain compounds from BioMed Specialty Pharmacy for several years now, and I have received great feedback from my patients that their conditions have improved and that their pain is well controlled...”

—Marvin M. Blieberg, M.D.   [View full story]
“At almost 95 years of age...(patient) was prescribed BioMed topical pain cream and her pain level decreased dramatically...”

—Lindsay Gietzen, M.S., PA-C   [View full story]



“I would easily say that more than 90% of my patients find the BioMed topical prescription medication(s) to be very helpful. Most of the time, their insurance covers it as well...”

—Ramin Rafie, M.D.   [View full story]



“I believe that this pain relief medicated cream has substantial advantage to be used as 1st line treatment for arthritis pain, especially because it does not have side effects that are associated with oral pain medications...”

—Jitender K. Jain, M.D.   [View full story]

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