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BioMed envisions a world with minimum pain and minimum addiction

As our medical community looks for alternative pain treatment due to the obvious nationwide problem of drug abuse, diversion, addiction and dependence. Companies like BioMed are creating science-based alternative treatments through innovation, collaboration and continuous feedback gathered from both physicians and patients.
We believe that 95% of pain can be treated and should be treated with topical medications. Don’t get us wrong, we still believe oral tablets have a place in treating pain, such as cancer pain and acute surgical pain, but they should only be used for select patients based on the condition. BioMed promises to be part of the medical community working everyday to reduce the suffering of pain while reducing the use and dependence on harmful oral pain medications.


For Physicians

Topicals are a safe, effective alternative to prescribing oral opioids and NSAIDS.

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Prescription Refills

BioMed™ is excited to announce that you can now refill your prescription online, for Free!

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Learn how you can experience rapid pain relief with a 14-Day Trial

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